Creative brief: landing page redevelopment

Brief: review the layout of our basic and outdated accommodation pages and redevelop to better sell each client's student accommodation offerings.

Solution: this task allowed me to let loose with my creativity. I chose to combine text blocks and content cards with more visual ways of conveying information, such as incorporating core messaging into a video still and using an infographic to illustrate USPs. I conducted research about what students actually want to know and collaborated with stakeholders to create a page that not only informs, but sells.

Making complex info easily digestible: sport programmes at the University of Stirling

Brief: create a sales deck for B2C (student) and B2B (agent) audiences that makes INTO University of Stirling's complex programme offering easily digestible and illustrates how the University of Stirling is a winning choice for sport degrees.

Solution: utilising copy in the short-form, I used punchy headlines and powerful proof points to create a deck that not only educates the reader about sport at Stirling, but sells it as the best destination. The client requested a lighthearted writing style, so I got creative with sport-themed word play whilst keeping to our tone of voice.

Strong editing and proofreading skills: INTO University of Stirling brochure

Brief: refresh the copy throughout the annual 20-page INTO University of Stirling brochure, ensuring content is up to date and best sells the client's proposition.

Solution: instead of an entire re-write, I was tasked with updating last year's brochure with new stats, USPs, programmes and other factual information. The key skill that I demonstrated here was close attention to detail – proofreading to the nth degree and identifying areas for improved content. The project involved collaborating with 10+ stakeholders to tick everyone's boxes, but remain true to our tone, voice and style.

Strategic thinking: how to best sell the Newton A level Programme

Brief: redevelop content for a comprehensive 40-page printed brochure that sells the Newton A level Programme to prospective students.

Solution: using last year's brochure as a base, I began by planning the structure of the brochure with the lead designer on the project. The client wanted the student voice to sell the proposition, so we collated testimonials from outstanding students about their experience in the programme and built our content around this. The result is a highly visual, sleek brochure with aspirational messaging that is reinforced by data.

Long-form writing: promotional blog post

Brief: we're on-boarding a new university partner in Australia and require a long-form blog post to sell the location from a careers standpoint.

Solution: after conducting keyword research and pulling primary, secondary and tertiary search terms to help inform the structure of the article, I researched in-demand careers in Australia and linked them to degrees at The University of Western Australia. The final article is both informational and aspirational – educating students about careers and providing next steps – whilst using on-page SEO tactics to drive traffic.

Short-form writing: persuasive sales deck that explores business at UEA

Brief: create a resource that demonstrates how UEA offers the UK’s best value top 20 business degree and sells the proposition to B2C (student) and B2B (agent) audiences.

Solution: short-form copy throughout a dynamic informational deck: punchy headlines meet powerful proof points. I took three core messaging pillars and split them into succinct, easy-to-digest USPs backed by credible sources. The result is a comprehensive deck that sells UEA as a top destination for business and highlights INTO UEA as the best value – and most accessible – route to the university.

Campaign landing page: structuring educational copy with a clear narrative

Brief: our UK university partners are rolling out employability offerings and a landing page is required for each to provide an overview of what students can benefit from.

Solution: working with the rest of the editorial team to ensure consistency across the brands, we collated information about each client's offering and devised a structure to tell a clear narrative throughout the page. This was a true collaborative effort, working closely with designers, videographers and stakeholders to create landing pages that not only inform, but sell employability as a key part of each client's programmes.